Almazara - Son Catiu

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Factory Oil

Our Factory belongs to Designation of Origin "Oli de Mallorca".
It was opened on October 15, 2008. We are the biggest producers of extra virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin "Oli de Mallorca".
Oil extraction is made by mechanical means (crushed, beaten and spin) at temperatures not exceeding 27 degrees Celsius, without any chemical treatment.
In the oils we sell there is only authentic olive juice, fruity, without any additives, a totally natural and healthy product.

Our oil production, mostly comes from olives farms across the island after a careful selection are acquired by Son Catiu.
The rest of the oil we get from our olive groves, most of which are Arbequina and picual.

The olives are picked carefully to avoid damaging them; then they are washed and crushed the same day they are collected. So that the oil retains all its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.



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